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MMIC's Customized Map of Rocky Mountain National Park

   Reflecting our favorite locations for wedding and elopements in Rocky
   Mountain National Park!

Getting To Sprague Lake


Sunset and Sunrise Schedule in Colorado

Looking for a sunset ceremony?  Use MMIC's schedule to assist in planning your day!

Hotels and Accommodations

                              Black Canyon Inn

                Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Restaurants and Reception Sites

    Twin Owls Steakhouse - Upscale Steak and Seafood
    Mary's Lake Lodge - Chateau Upscale Restaurant featuring Prime Rib,
        Chicken, Pasta and Seafood or the Tavern for Lighter Fare and Bar Service
    The Otherside of Estes - American Cuisine
    Mama Rosa's - Italian cuisine on the iver Downtown
    Nicky's Steakhouse - Steakhouse, Cafe and Lounge
    Ed's Cantina - Mexican restaurant on the river

Tips and Suggestions for Colorado Travel

- Timing is Everything!  Allow yourself plenty of time upon your arrival to locate a marriage license office in Colorado.  Most offices are open until 4 or 4:30 pm and are closed on Saturday, Sunday and ALL FEDERAL AND STATE OBSERVED HOLIDAYS.   You can obtain a license anywhere in the state, so if your arrival time is a concern you can find a location along the way.

- Taking the Long Road - Keep in mind that driving in the mountains is VERY different from straight stretches of freeways.  The average speed limit on major freeways is 55 mph, with state highways only 35-45 mph.  Peak travel times will be reduced as well for site seers stopping along the way spotting wildlife or viewing area pull offs, night time driving can be a bit tricky with twists and turns and occasional wildlife crossing, and winter conditions can make roads slippery.  If you are driving into the mountains, allow yourself plenty of travel time to arrive at your destination safely!

- Rocky Mountain High - Altitude can affect many first time visitors to Colorado.  You will want to keep this in mind during your trip for not only yourselves but for guests - especially the elderly or those with respiratory issues.  Drink PLENTY of water during your stay. 

- Pass the Grog - REMEMBER - Altitude will affect your reaction to consuming alcoholic beverages!  First time visitors will experience a doubling of the affects of their favorite libations - so consider this along your trip!



Preparing for Your Mountain Destination Wedding
Tips and Trips for Your High Elevation Experience

1)   HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!!  The first indication that your body has undergone the change from a lower higher elevation is your need to re-hydrate.  Keep water nearby at all times, and especially upon arrival drink plenty of water to assist your body in adapting to the change.

2)   OUT OF THIN AIR – Coming from lower levels means a change in the atmosphere and the adjusting levels of oxygen.  You will feel the difference when walking, climbing, or even may find yourself tiring quicker.  Give yourself time to acclimate to the change a day or so before tackling that big hike!  Elderly or those with respiratory disorders will need to keep in mind the change as well and be prepared with oxygen supplements or limit activities that can be overly strenuous.

3)   Watch Alcohol Intake!  For those who enjoy their libations, keep in mind that the altitude will increase the speed and intensity in which alcohol affects you.  Drinking one beer at high altitude averages the same and 2-3 at lower elevations. 

5)   Dealing with the Climate – Higher altitudes mean lower temperatures and increased exposure to the sun.  Mornings and evenings temperatures can be a good 30-40 degrees difference than daytime temperatures.  When the sun goes down the cooler air sets in quickly, so those who chill easily be sure to have jackets, sweaters, etc readily available!  Over exposure to the sun is rampant in our area as well, so be prepared with plenty of sunscreen – and don’t forget the tops of your heads!! 

6)   Weather – The weather in the Rocky Mountains are as unpredictable as can possibly be.  We have seen record highs in December and snow in July.  Storms typically will roll into the Rocky Mountains and Estes Park in the afternoons – if you will be planning outdoor activities it might be a good idea to have an umbrella in your arsenal.  KEEP IN MIND… that many times the rain storms that come through can disappear as quickly as they appeared, sometimes it is just a matter of a little patience under cover and the rain will move out quickly!

7)   Mountain Wedding Attire – Ladies, in particular, are typically the subject of “If I had only known…”  Keep in mind gals, that even though you are attending a wedding – traditionally the more formal of affairs – that you need to keep a few things in mind.  WIND – a quick breeze on unsuspecting wind gust can create havoc with those wearing dresses.  While elegant looking, they can become subject of the “Skirt Alert” in a short moment!  TERRAIN – Girls, leave the high heels IN THE CAR… or better yet, AT HOME!  If you are attending a wedding being held anywhere in Rocky Mountain National Park, chances are you will be WALKING somewhere.  Our more popular wedding sites are 1/8 to ¼ mile walk one way, and many do not allow for seating so you may be standing during a wedding – so leave the pumps in the suitcase until dinner and bring comfortable walking shoes!!  FEEL THE BURN… FEEL THE CHILL… - The trick with dressing is LAYERS.  Any time of the year the weather can be unpredictable and change quickly.  Layers are the perfect way to ensure you can adjust accordingly to Mother Natures weather mood swings!


8)   Be sure that your packing list includes: Sweater or Light Jacket, Rain Jacket, Umbrella, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses, High Energy Snacks.  WINTER: Gloves, Extra Warm Socks, Rubber Sole Shoes, Long Underwear (for Under Wedding Dresses and Tuxedos Too!)


9)  SEEING THE LIGHT – While there is nothing quite like a spectacular sunrise or sunset in Colorado, keep in mind that while you are in the mountains, the affects are somewhat different.  Sunsets tend to be a quick experience as the sun is blaringly bright and suddenly disappears behind the mountains.  Those hoping for a sunset wedding need to keep in mind that the sunlight is VERY strong as the sun drops down and can often lead to sunspots or glares in photos and can be treacherous on your eyes if you are light sensitive.  Once the sun has set lends to beautiful photos, but it does get dark much quicker in the mountains than on the plains.


10) Summer Activities – Looking for fun ideas to entertain your out of town guests?  Here is just a sampling of the plethora of activities that you can plan!  Horseback Riding, Snow Shoeing (Available through July in the higher elevations), Hiking, Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing Lessons and Tours, Photography Tours, Mountain Bike Rentals, Scooter Rentals, White Water Rafting, Hummer Tours, Arial Tramway, Trail Ridge Road (America’s highest elevation highway taking you for a 40-mile scenic drive from Estes Park over the Continental Divide to Grand Lake) ATV Rentals, Lake Estes with picnicking, fishing, wading or the Marina for pontoon, kayak, canoe or paddle boat rentals, Shopping in unique specialty stores in downtown Estes, 2 Golf Courses, Enjoy a couples massage or spa day in one of our Numerous Spas and Salons, 2 movie theaters, Haunted Hotel Tours at the Historic Stanley Hotel, Wildlife Viewing, 3 Family Amusement Centers (go carts, miniature golfing, bumper cars, etc.)


11) Planning an off-season visit?  Estes Park is considered a summer high season resort area as we do not offer down hill skiing in the winter months.  HOWEVER, off-season hotel rates lend themselves to a multitude of winter wonderland activities in a less crowded environment!  Winter activities add a new flavor with snow shoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing, ice climbing and numerous holiday and winter festivals.


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