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Testimonials -
What Our Couples Say About Us!

Kevin and Lorie...

We would like to express our appreciation to you for the most amazing gift.  We feel so lucky to have started our life in such an amazing way, not only for our love for to see and feel your kindness.  We could not have imagined a more beautiful day and we could never say THANK YOU enough!  We really can't thank you enough for making our dream wedding come true... and it is wonderful to know that there are wonderful people in the world like you!

With Great Gratitude and Thankfulness,  Tra' and Tiffany Vendella

Read Travis and Tiffany's Love Story Featured on the Montel Williams Show and Discovery Health Network HERE!



We searched through a dozen different florists in the Denver/Boulder area and our first experience with Lorie and Kevin at Marry Me In Colorado and Rocky Mountain Wildflowers sealed the deal! It was NOT a typical florist, our consultation and our planning meeting both were private with no interruptions which I REALLY appreciated. The other shops had people coming and going and we were always having to wait for them while they worked with other customers in their store. Vows ONLY does wedding flowers, so there is no chance of being put on the back burner for other kinds of flower deliveries or work on the day of your wedding which was really important (my best friend's flowers were over an hour late because the florist was delivering flowers for a funeral before hers and got lost!) And because they only do weddings the flowers they get are really above average. I had an idea of what I wanted but Lorie took my ideas and ran with it - the result was STUNNING. My bouquet was just amazing - much larger than I expected and had some wonderful touches that made it a part of our wedding story. The bridesmaids, parents flowers were all just beautiful. My favorite part though of her work was our reception flowers! Everything was coordinated perfectly and the attention to detail was amazing. They saved us over $300 just by doing parts of our flowers in rentals (I wanted fresh flowers but we used rental containers and rental accessories that I wouldn't have wanted to keep anyway). Our wedding was at the Stanley and a theme wedding so I was looking for the perfect designer to make it all flow and I definitely found it! I will be happy to act as a personal reference for Lorie - her shop is adorable and her staff is right on top of everything!!
- Brittany and Alex - September, 2012



We had gone out three years ago when we became engaged to see the venues in the area and see what was available for wedding sites. You truely couldn't go wrong with any venues in Estes Park. They were all amazing. I wanted a site that was intimate and had a true description of the beauty of RMNP.

Well, both sides of our family really didn't want to travel to a destination to see us get married so we decided on an elopement with our witnesses. This decision opened us up to be able to get married anywhere in RMNP so we scrapped the venues.

I still wanted a no hassle marriage so we started looking at other options. I was at a Boy Scout meeting and one of the parents overheard me talking about getting married in Colo. so she inquired where. It came out in our discussion that her daughter had also gotten married in Estes/RMNP and they used Marry me in Colo. and she raved about their experience and service.

This year was quite challenging because they are doing construction down the main road up to Bear Lake. Kevin did alot of conversing over the phone with the ranger's and us to help us figure out where to get married. We also had the additional challenge of the extreme heat and dryness of the area. I think Kevin did a great job at keeping us informed about what was going on in his neck of the woods. (we are from Iowa)

I loved the no hassle, put your wedding together as you want it. They let us pick our spot where we wanted to get married and we just met them there. They had a wonderful photographer who not only did a great job with the photos but is friendly and fun!! The flower arrangements done by Lorrie were simply amazing. They are truly a no hassle, come on down and ENJOY getting married!!

I got married in a very intimate setting with the RMNP wilderness as my background. We walked in only three quarters of a mile to the wedding site. What more could a bride who loves nature want!!

The best part is where we got married was at the trail head where we did our honeymoon backpacking adventure. PRICELESS





  The entire MMIC team was absolutely fabulous! Lorie planned a wonderful and unique wedding celebration and weekend vacation for our guests. We had prompt communication with Lorie and Kevin through all of planning. MMIC provided exceptional service and quality and they demand that as well from the vendors with whom they work. This was extremely important since we were planning a destination wedding. It was excellent to have their knowledge of the area and ability to select venues for our meals and ceremony based on our guests needs. In fact, Lorie even was able to use her connections in Estes Park to make a change in venue for our rehearsal dinner when we had 20 more guests than originally planned and our original venue could not accommodate us, the day before the dinner. Our ceremony was perfect. It was very personal to us and also included my son which made it the amazing celebration of our family which was precisely what we wanted. The photography was also exceptional - the moments he captured are perfect reminders of the day. I think he must burn hundreds of calories each ceremony with all of the photos he takes from so many different perspectives. Our guests raved about the food at the meals as well as coordination of the weekend. We had several comments on how personal the ceremony was for us. Ultimately, the weekend was relaxing & enjoyable for our families, including us, the bride and groom, because of the MMIC team. I think that the biggest testament to the exceptional job they did is after attending our wedding, two couples from our families will be renewing their vows in Estes next year. We can't wait to see MMIC again next year and in a few years for our own renewal!! Heidi and Lance - August, 2012




Dear Lorie and Kevin,

I’ll start by apologizing for writing this thank you 3 months later. While I could make up excuses, I’ll just say that it seemed like a daunting task to be able to thank you guys for that day in words. I can’t. I just get an amazing feeling every time I think or talk about it. I still can’t believe how amazing it was! People still tell us that it was the best wedding they have ever been to and every time I say, “I KNOW, RIGHT!?!”because I’m still in shock myself. A more graceful person would probably just say, “Thank you” but I can’t do that because it should be you they are thanking!

During the planning process everyone tells you not to worry when things go wrong, because they will. THEY DIDN’T. And even more so, everything was WAY beyond my wildest dreams (sounds corny, but I mean it!).

I don’t have words to explain how perfect that day was. I can’t get over the fact that I felt like I did very little in terms of stress/planning and was blown away by how perfectly your creation was EXACTLY what I had in mind but could never put into words or create on my own. I don’t know how you do it. It is a gift. And I’m a very lucky girl to have received it.

I guess I’ll start at the beginning...

From the moment I made the phone call late one evening and talked to Kevin (who picked up on the first ring) I knew I wanted to book you guys and that I could stop stressing. What a relief. At that point we didn’t even have a firm date or venue. You guys were extremely helpful with those decisions and I know we would have called off the whole Colorado idea and just had the wedding in Texas if you guys hadn’t supported and guided us through it. Your patience and willingness to help was a blessing.

Speaking of PATIENCE. Lorie, there is a special place in heaven for you after dealing with my dear momma for those couple months (probably felt much longer). Whew, I know she is… a whirlwind and planning a wedding with her was… well, it’s over. :) I love her dearly. Lorie I know that you had MANY emails back and forth and MANY phone calls. If I had known then what I know now… we would have saved ourselves a lot of stress. If you have another mother of the bride like my momma, just send her to me. I will tell her “Lorie has GOT THIS. Not only has she got this, she’s got it much better than you can ever imagine. So just relax.”

On the day of… WOW. When we pulled in the back, everything was ready to go and I hadn’t lifted a finger or stressed over anything all morning. I remember all of you were there to greet us and were so cheerful and relaxed. It put me at ease. Then Lorie showed up with the most BEAUTIFUL bouquet I have ever seen (everyone else agreed too) in my entire life. So full, so fresh, perfect colors and textures, wrapped up in the perfect material, every detail thought out down to the love pendant. Unbelievable. I dried it and it’s on display in the house because I couldn’t imagine throwing it away, dead or alive.

I am NOT a crier, but boy… when I was standing at the top of that hill looking down I lost it. It was breathtaking (and seeing my husband was a happy moment as well). Thank you for all the care you put into the ceremony decorations.

Kevin your ceremony was perfect. It was lighthearted and still incredibly powerful. Thank you for being flexible and allowing us to insert some of our own readings from our sisters. Sorry I forgot to tell you Tony and I decided not to write our own vows, but it provided some comic relief. Thank you.

Ok, so one thing went wrong… but I think it was perfect; IT RAINED! But did you notice the rain held off until the very end?!? I’ll give you guys credit for that piece of planning as well. :) And you were ready for that too with all the ponchos and umbrellas. It might have been raining but I still saw lots of smiles.

Mark took WONDERFUL care of us during photos after the ceremony. He was entertaining as we waited out the rain and obviously took some amazing photographs as well. He was willing to try and get some more family shots back at Mary’s Lake Lodge before the reception began and stayed longer than he had anticipated at the reception.

The reception. My, my, my. Thanks Lorie. Talk about detail! And everything exactly my “vision” but more than that! My bridesmaids saw me before we went into the reception and said “Laura, you’re going to die. It is exactly you”. Boy was it. I fell in love with every jar, flower and candle in that room. This is something I could go on and on about if I had the words. So I’ll just say thank you. That room down to every table and detail was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe it was our wedding! Still can’t! Thank you for being a wizard/magician/angel Lorie!

I know that so much must have gone into that day that I never saw, understood or had to stress over. I will be forever grateful for the hard work and passion you put into making our wedding unforgettable. I don’t know how to thank you. Well, I’ll be sure to get some good reviews online for a start. :) But I just don’t know how to sum up the best day ever in a few sentences. I’ll work on it.

Sorry for the novel. Thank you for sharing your gift. We love you guys.

Laura and Tony Speer




Dear Lorie and Kevin,
Well it´s been a busy month after we got back from Colorado.
After a lot of paper work, and Visa process we are almost done!
Finally I can take a rest!
Lorie, I would like to say thanks for everything. For a beautiful wedding, for the prettiest bouquet, for your time, for your enthusiasm!
You did a wonderful job and we will truly recommend you!
I was a little nervous, specially because my family is far away and could not make it. It is not easy to be away in a different country. But you and Kevin made me fell very comfortable and said some beautiful and inspirational words.
Thanks again for making one of the most important days of our life so special.
Tatiana and Mike Davis,
ps. Mark did a wonderful job with the pictures!



I just got home from work, it was an extra long day... and I need to be there again early tomorrow, so I almost didn't take time to read this tonight. I'm glad I did it was very special and touched my heart deeply.

I honestly was just checking my email because my youngest son left Saturday for a study abroad semester in Galway, Ireland. I was hoping for an email from him telling me he had completed his travels from Dublin to their village cottages in Galway. I am missing my kids who live far away. My sons live in Minnesota, and my daughter in Tennessee.

Both Phil and I are very close to our kids, so it is hard that they will not be at our ceremony. We had hoped they would want to be with us and share this special day. As you know they will not be, after long heart felt talks and tears Phil and I realized it was just too hard for them. We have talked about a joined family vacation next summer where we can all spend time playing and getting to know each other and hopefully grown into a family. That is my continued prayer, I will be hopeful.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because while I read the proposed ceremony and how marriage is a lifelong commitment - which I too believe, my heart was filled with sadness of my failure at my first marriage. Both Phil and I raised our kids mostly as single parents in our previous marriages. I will leave it up to Phil to share about his experience if he chooses to do so. I know I don't need your approval but because marriage is a serious commitment and you are joining us I just want you to know how much being in step with God's will is for me personally. I believe marriage means through the good and the bad and I stayed true to that in my first marriage. The end of the marriage was due to years of prayer and sacrifice and facing the truth that I needed to end the marriage to protect my kids and myself from the continued destructive choices and behavior of my kids father. I won't go into detail but it was a very very difficult decision to make, one my Father in heaven was so patient in helping me to see had to be done.

I am so grateful for the love and protection God surrounded me and my kids with. He provided fo
r us, loved on us and helped us all take the shattered pieces of our lives and recreate our lives and hope. My strength came from God and His word spoken to me, Jeremiah 29:11, it was this verse I leaned into and gained strength from. I wanted to believe God had a plan for me, I honestly did not think I would get married again. I have been on my own almost 8 years divorced for 4 years now. Maybe it is my fault it is hard for my kids, I worked a lot of hours so I could provide and chose not to date. I was too busy making sure that I provided a safe and healthy environment for my kids to grow up in. So I just did not date much and the little I did I chose not to introduce them to. As they grew older and more independent I realized and had to face my loneliness. I began to pray for a love story! I wept as I asked God to write me my very own love story, I really had never experienced that kind of love and longed for true love..... and that simple tear filled prayer over the years is why I am where I am today. I met Philip and I fell in love and so far it has been an incredible love story. One only God could have written and I believe he wrote it for me.

So I want to thank you from my heart for the words you wrote for our ceremony and for making our day, our commitment to each so special. I can hardly wait. I know Phil has not had an opportunity to read your proposed ceremony yet, He said he was going to look over it tomorrow. I hope he will be as happy as I am with what you have written.

Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to meeting both you and Lorie next week!
Glenda and Phil - November, 2012




Choosing Marry Me in Colorado to help with my wedding was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They made the wedding planning process so easy and were constantly available to answer my questions. I had a tight time frame and a limited budget, but Lorie and Kevin did not let that get in the way of having an amazing and beautiful wedding! Kevin worked hard to personalize the ceremony to exceed our expectations, which he definitely achieved! Also, the photographer was amazing. He was completely unobtrusive, allowing the ceremony to be enjoyed by our family, while still capturing every moment. After the ceremony, he kept the excitement levels high and was diligent at making sure everyone looked their best in the pictures. Thank you Lorie and Kevin for providing such a great service!

-Megan and Antonio



We would recommend Marry Me in Colorado 110%! Lorie and Kevin made our day perfect. We both wanted to be in a beautiful place and have those closes to us there. It couldn’t have turned out better. From the flowers to the ceremony everything was just how we had imagined. If I ever had a question they both were quick to respond and focused on what was important to us. I remember Kevin saying, it won’t be hard if you don’t make it hard. They truly made the day worry free and special. Lorie also recommended someone to do my hair since I was coming from out of town and she did a great job too. We will forever have a special place for Marry Me in Colorado for truly making our day special and perfect. -Ron & Amy



Desi and Beau

My now husband and I live in Texas and our families are from Oklahoma. When we decided to look into having a destination wedding in Colorado I was prepared for a long road ahead. Then, we came across and poof I met Lorie Cooper, my wedding fairy godmother.

We were working with a pretty small budget, especially when we wanted to have the wedding so far away from home. I wanted to just make sure I couldn’t plan the wedding cheaper myself so after talking to Lorie I spent about a week researching and discovered I couldn’t. Everything together was more expensive, plus it didn’t include Lorie. Once we set our date and chose a package it was so much more fun and stress free than you would imagine.

I know I bugged Lorie and Kevin to death, but never did they get irritated =). I emailed Lorie at least once a week for the year that we were planning our wedding. She took my ideas, gave me some ideas, answered all of my millions of questions and assured me my wedding was going to be beautiful.

They did not disappoint. We got to meet them for the first time at the rehearsal and they both were so nice and worked with us to assure everything was going to be perfect. On our wedding day Lorie let me go to the reception site and let me set up my candy buffet and it was then I got to see our months of planning come out. Her and her team did such an amazing job!! I was worried about having silk flower arrangements but they were so beautiful! It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It was if she got in my brain and pulled out everything I had been thinking and made it come together, perfectly. She told me when I left to go get ready that I hadn’t seen anything yet=). I got to go to their new shop Vows and meet Kerry, one of Lorie’s team members, who is so so super sweet. That store had everything! Kerry let me pick the exact shades of sand I wanted for our sand ceremony, which was just one of the ways they made our day so unique to us.

We chose Lily Lake in RMNP as our ceremony location. It was beautiful. My bouquet was so incredible too by the way!! Kevin’s ceremony was perfect! Beautiful, touching, funny in the right places, just perfect. He did such an amazing job. It was so memorable and perfect for us. And they guided us through everything and made everything so simple, I was amazed! I was a mess that day so thank goodness I had someone telling me what to do=). Their photographer was amazing too. I cannot wait to get our pictures in!!

When my husband and I got to the reception we were both blown away. I cried again seeing it all come together. It was so absolutely perfect. It was all in the details from the burlap table runners to the baby's breath on our cake table. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was like a dream. The best wedding ever!! You will be blown away by the talent and service you get from marry me in Colorado. They are all amazing. One of my bridesmaids, who also lives in Texas, is in contact with Lorie; she might be getting married in Estes Park next year now=).

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Lorie and Kevin and their team. As much stress as a wedding usually brings, they handle 85% of it for you. There were things I stressed out about, but it was me being a girl. Lorie helped me every step of the way and she gave me the wedding of my dreams. They were so kind and understanding too. You get sooooo much more than you pay for with them. We are so thankful we found them and couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. It was a dream!! Thank you Lorie and Kevin, we will never forget y’all!!




It is hard to put into words how I feel about my experience with Marry Me In Colorado. My husband and I wanted a simple wedding that focused on us and our love. Kevin and Lorie provided that and more, as did Mark (the photographer). The ceremony was beautiful and felt as if it was written by someone who has known us for years. They had three other weddings that day, and made us feel as if ours was the only wedding. Mark took his time with the photography, getting to know us as he took the photographs. He truly cared about us and what we wanted out of our photography, adding other poses that we had not even considered.

Marry Me In Colorado is such an amazing company. They truly care about their clients and took their time with Colin and I to tailor our wedding to our needs and desires. My experience with them is beyond excellent and I would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I have been telling every person I know about their services.

Their prices are extremely reasonable and the quality is outstanding. I love that they offer so many services and packages for couples who want a stress free wedding planning experience.

Thank you Lorie, Kevin and Mark for making our wedding day so special and memorable!!

Stacie Byers


My husband surprised me with a trip to Colorado to renew our wedding vows. He gave me only two weeks to plan and set everything up. Merry me in Colorado was so helpful, Lorie was so nice she went right work emailing my every I needed. She was always available by email if I had any question or concerns. The service it's self was more beautiful and moving then first time I married husband. It was everything I dreamed would be and more.

Thank you so much Merry me Colorodo words can not express what this meant to my husband and I you have given us something that can never be taken away a beautiful memory. - Brandie and Jason.


Kevin & Lorie,
What a MAGICAL day you provided for our private wedding ceremony!!!!  There are not words to describe our day!  Everything was beyond PERFECT!!   Planning our private ceremony from miles away was a breeze!  You were both so patient will all of my phone calls and reassuring that everything would go smoothly – and it all did!  You both helped with every last detail and your flexibility with the last minute location change was more than appreciated!  Kevin, the ceremony was written and delivered perfectly!!   Lorie, the flowers were ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL!!!  And the photos……AMAZING!!!!!!!  We have enjoyed sharing them with our friends and family!
We are extremely blessed and thankful that you were part of making our day… a day full of very special memories.  You are THE BEST!!!!!!!
Justin & Jill Baker
October, 5, 2012
PS -We hope your move to your new home we smoothly and you are all settled in!  We are coming back to Estes Park in June…we’ll be contacting you for more of your amazing photos!! 


Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special for us.  Everything was so awesome!  We sincerely couldn't have imagined that our wedding day could have been as picture perfect as it was.  The pictures and ceremony were unbelievable, so inspiring and showed our true love for each other.  We would recommend MMIC to anybody who would want things to go smoothly without a hitch just as ours did.  Thanks again for making our special day and all our dreams come true. 
Johnny & Tamara Roten
Centennial, CO
August 21, 2012



Hi Kevin,

Now that Donna and I are back to reality and life as usual, we wanted to take a moment to thank you and Lorie for your services during our marriage.   It was most certainly an experience to remember!   We appreciated your patience and spirit of accommodation in getting through that important day.

Best Regards

Gautam and Donna
November, 2012


Hi Kevin,
Matt and I just want to say THANKS! 
Lorie and Kevin provided a total wedding package with very little time spent on our part to organize/coordinate as they took care of it all, which is what we wanted.  They showed up on time, provided everything promised in package and the ceremony was beautifully written and presented.  They also took beautiful pictures that we can cherish forever.  I highly recommend Marry Me In Colorado.

Sara and Matt
September, 2012


Jeremie and I had a vision in our minds of what our wedding would look and feel like, but we were having trouble figuring out how to make that vision a reality.  Jeremie found the Marry Me in Colorado website one night, and was so excited to show me.  We spent hours looking at the pictures and were so impressed!  I emailed Lorie and Kevin one night to discuss a potential elopement, and I received a phone call that night!  I chatted with Kevin and Lorie for about an hour.  We discussed all the options that Jeremie and I had.  I was so impressed with how much they cared about our personal requests and needs.  We set up a meeting with them last summer.  They were flexible with their packages online, and let us pick and choose exactly what we needed.  Their prices are so reasonable...especially when compared to other companies!  I loved that Lorie would handle the flowers, cake, photography...pretty much everything!  Trying to choose and coordinate vendors in a different state (we live in TX) is not an easy task, and I am so grateful that we had Lorie and Kevin!  When our wedding day finally arrived, I was excited to be able to focus on me and my soon-to-be husband and our friends and family rather than worry about flowers and cake...etc. I didnt see my flowers until the morning of the wedding, and Lorie put together bouquets that were perfect!  :)  Kevin's ceremony was perfect as well.  I could go on forever about how great I think Lorie and Kevin are.  They took care of everything!  Kevin was even able to help my diabetic grandmother the morning of our wedding.  Her blood sugar was high, and he had what she needed to be able to make it to the wedding!  That was completely unplanned, but it goes to show that Kevin and Lorie were willing to do anything to make sure our wedding day was perfect! :)  We were married in the Moraine Park Amphitheater in RMNP, and we and our 35 guests celebrated at the Other Side Restaurant in Estes Park.  Both were suggestions Lorie and Kevin made and we loved!!  The pictures were amazing, and we have received lots of compliments on them!  Overall, I am so grateful that Jeremie and I had the simple and elegant wedding we wanted thanks to Marry Me in Colorado! 

 ~ Jeremie & Starsha Canaday ~ June 5, 2012


Hi Kevin...this is Kenzie A.'s Mom (Wedding on 7/3/10).  I just wanted to thank you for the incredibly beautiful ceremony you performed.  It was not just a run-of-the-mill service... you put everything you had into it and I just wanted you to know I am deeply appreciative. 

You made it deeply meaningful both to us and to the Lord who I believe was watching and smiling because we acknowledged Him. (Your baptist background really served you well)  :-)   I have shown the video of Kenzie's wedding to several people and they all said "who is this guy--he's really awesome!"  Thank you again for putting your whole heart into it just like she was your own daughter.  Eternally grateful..

Julie Alexander


I just wanted to drop a quick note to say Thank-you!  Thank-you so much for making this experience so special for us.  It was stress-free and fun.  I loved every minute of it.  The photos turned out so awesome!  I was just so happy with the way everything went from start to finish.  So, Thank-you again for making this experience the greatest, most happy day of our lives.  We will keep in touch along the way.

Thank-you again,

Roman and Dusti Brittenham - July 10,2012


Kevin and Lorie,

        We cannot thank you enough for our wedding day, it was stress and worry free, just how it should be.  Kevin, you listened to our beliefs and incorporated a beautiful poem into the ceremony that will forever remind us of our wedding and who we are as a couple.  You also did a wonderful job with our cake, very tasty!  Lorie, I think you know how excited I was when I saw the bouquet you had made for me, it was even better than the photo I found online and sent to you.  I am glad that you understood how important the bouquet was to me, it turned out better than I had imagined it.  I was able to pamper it the whole 12 hour drive back to Iowa so my family could see it, and I have to say it still looked great, they all loved it!  Then when I saw the photos I was amazed at how beautiful they had turned out, our wedding day had been fun and easygoing, and you can see that in the photos.  We needed help for this day since we were planning on eloping but still wanted all the extras (photos, cake, bouquet and ceremony), you guys were the perfect answer!!  We would recommend Marry Me In Colorado to anyone eloping or having a destination wedding, your wedding day should be a fun time, having everything already done and ready to go makes this possible.  We really enjoyed meeting you guys, if you ever make it out to Iowa let us know!
 Mary Ann and Jeremy


Hi Kevin!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! You were absolutely wonderful at
our wedding - we couldn't have asked for a better ceremony!! You even
taught Justin that my heart is on the left side, not the right!! ;) I
am positive that you captured everything we we were hoping for, and
more! It was so beautiful!

You were truly made for this, and I can't thank you enough for making
the most special day of my life so perfect!!!

Keep in touch!!!

Melanie LUGO!



My fiancé and I both love the mountains so we decided Colorado would be the perfect destination for our elopement wedding.  In searching the Internet for wedding venues, we found a website called Marry Me In Colorado.  We liked the different package options they offered, their prices were very reasonable, and after seeing all the pictures on their website of the beautiful weddings they had performed, we knew we had found our venue.  We were not disappointed!  In the months leading up to our wedding, Kevin and Lorie never hesitated to answer our many questions, and never made us feel like we were bothering them.  They also offered suggestions on places to stay, dine, and shop, since we had never been to the Estes Park area.  Kevin wrote our vows as if he had known us for years.  He managed to put the essence of both of our personalities into words.  Lorie did a phenomenal job taking our pictures and capturing on film the beauty in the scenery around us, as well as the love between us.  We now have unforgettable memories of our wedding in the snow in Rocky Mountain National Park, and we gained two new friends in Kevin and Lorie Cooper.

Carol and Vancil Jones


Mark and I wanted to thank you for your assistance with our April wedding ceremony in Estes Park, Colorado. The ceremony you prepared fit us perfectly!
When Mark and I decided to elope for our wedding and began to search the internet for a location, we knew Colorado would be the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony. I discovered your website, looked at many sites, but kept coming back to your site. I was impressed and excited with all the information, pictures and your letter of introduction. We knew this was the perfect solution for our long distance planning. It was everything we would need for our elopement, a private, intimate wedding for just the 'two of us'! It was the right decision!
Your experience and friendliness was reflected throughout the entire process. Thank you for your patience and responses to all my questions. Thank you, also, for referring us to the Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse. Our stay with Black Canyon Inn and dinner after the wedding at the Twin Owls Steakhouse was wonderful. And thanks for referring us to Lorie for wedding pictures. She captured some truly good pictures of Mark and I, in spite of the snowy weather!
We are happy to refer Marry Me In Colorado to anyone planning a Colorado wedding. You and Lorie provide everything for a couple to have the wedding of their dreams!!!!  Best wishes for your continued success.
       Mark and Fran Suttles - Enid, Oklahoma


Good Morning Lorie & Kevin,
I just wanted to tell you again how much we appreciate the amazing ceremony yesterday.  It was all so perfect!  You two are a fabulous team!  I can tell how much you enjoy your work.
We will be in touch soon. Hugs!
 Beth and John, February 14, 2012



Dear Kevin and Lorie,

Sean and I want to thank you both for making our Winter Wonderland Wedding an amazing journey.  It was so exciting planning our special day thanks to your guidance and advice along the way!  Your ‘Marry Me in Colorado’ website was also very helpfully for planning the details and getting ideas for our wedding.  The photo gallery along with the other links made us fall in love with the idea of having a Winter Wedding instead of a Tropical Wedding. 

Thank you Kevin: for making yourself available and flexible throughout the entire planning time.  It really made this occasion fun, easy and exciting instead of stressful.  We also really appreciate you including the special and personal touches to the wedding vows as well as, the ceremony itself.  It was such a surprise that made everything that much more Amazing!!! 

Thank you Lorie:  for taking such beautiful photos that captured the joy, love and beauty of our Wedding Day. We can always look back at our photos and remember how blessed we were to have you and Kevin be a part of that special day.

We want to encourage you both to keep doing what you are doing and wish you many blessings as you continue to marry couples in Colorado.


Sean & Jana Cook
Pearland, Texas - February 14, 2012, Vail Village, Vail CO


  Kevin and Lorie,

The pictures are beautiful!!!!  Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day.  Everything was outstanding.  I could not have imagined a more perfect day.  It was exactly what Joe and I wanted.  I was very impressed with everything that the two of you did for us on our wedding day.  It was like we knew you guys for years even though we had only just met.  Kevin, the service that you wrote was so fitting for Joe and I.

The day was perfect and we cannot thank you enough.  We really appreciate all that you have done.  Thanks so much!!

Thanks Again!

Sarah and Joe Farrand - 2.22.2012, Sapphire Point, Breckenridge CO


Josh & Liz McElroy, Boyertown, PA
October 6, 2009 - Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park


John and Missy, Florida
Sprague Lake, RMNP, 10/17/1009


Dear Kevin and Lorie:

Our son, John and our now daughter, Melissa (“ Missy”), have always loved Colorado.  Most of all, they love one another.  Consequently, they wanted a small, intimate ceremony – a destination wedding – in Colorado.  They made the perfect choice choosing one another and they made the perfect choice in choosing the two of you to facilitate their wedding!  Everything was wonderful and flawless and your experience was so apparent:  you were prepared for every contingency.  Kevin the ceremony, in particular the vows, was beautiful and touching.  We were all moved to tears at the sentiments you shared.  Your depth of spirit is quite apparent.  The sincerity of the ceremony was most overwhelming.  Lorie your organization and photography are outstanding and your sweet spirit is most gracious.

Thank you for making this a most wonderful day for our children so PERFECT.  Your contributions to their day are only surpassed by the incredible scenery of God’s cathedral (Rocky Mountain National Park, Sprague Lake), and His creation is only surpassed by the love the love that He has given John and Missy for one another.

Our warmest regards,
Darby and Jack Suess, Florida


Mason & Desiree Tate, November, 2009


In our effort to complete an amazing year with a vacation that would be the subject of our conversation and WOW our friends, we decided to go skiing, or at least try to. Then we began reflecting on the many obstacles we’ve had and our many accomplishments and we wanted to start our new year out a little differently, a better place, so we decided to get married, however the WOW was that we do it in Colorado while on vacation. This was a rather large job considering neither of us had ever been to Colorado or knew anyone there, I started looking online to figure how in the world I was going to pull this off, that’s when I found Marry Me in Colorado’s website. I spent many hours sitting just admiring their work and I was absolutely floored by the beauty of their work and hoping for ours to be as beautiful. I finally got the nerve to call Kevin and Lori and to my surprise a real person answered the phone, it was Kevin, he was a wealth of information, then I got the opportunity to speak with Lori, who also was loaded with great ideas and suggestions, they made what seemed to be a great chore into a beautiful beginning. Kevin and Lori’s personality is equally as beautiful as the work they do, having spoke with them over the six months preceding the wedding, for my monthly “how is it going” chit-chats, I found them to be very passionate about their work and the type of people that live the dream that the help others to achieve.  Kevin and Lori never appeared to be too busy to speak with me or to return my phone calls, even though I knew most of the time they were, they always offered patience, a kind ear and gentle words of encouragement, being from the south you know those conversations could be pretty lengthy sometimes. Kevin and Lori are very beautiful people that not only understand the business of weddings, but the art of marriage, the love, respect, trust and laughter that goes with it everyday.  We couldn’t imagine entrusting this special occasion to anyone other than them. It’s been a couple of weeks since the wedding and we are still talking about it and of course our wedding planners,  minister, tour guide, travel agent, cake baker, photographer, florist and the most important of the many hats they wore------Friends!!!

Wayne and I just cannot thank you enough for helping us to create the picture perfect memory and a beautiful new beginning. We are actually trying to plan another trip to the area and hope that we may get the opportunity to visit with you and maybe feed the deer in the backyard.

Thanks a bunch, Love, Hugs and Smootches,

Wayne and Nicole Tharpe (Louisiana)
November 20, 2009




Kevin and Lorie,

We are happily back in Texas. I want to thank you for making our day so special. You both are the best and the pictures are beautiful. I wrote a review for you and thank you so much again for everything. I've been telling a lot of people about you and our wonderful experience.

When my husband and I began talking about getting married, we decided we wanted to elope and have something special with just the two of us. I had no idea where to begin. I knew I wanted to get married in Colorado. I had heard a lot about Estes Park. I started searching on the internet for where to go from there. I came across a website called Marry Me In Colorado. I called and talked to Kevin Cooper and immediately I knew that was the direction I wanted to go. From the minute he answered the phone, I knew I was in GREAT hands. It seemed as if I was talking to one of my family members. Kevin was so helpful and answered all my questions.

 He went over all options I had and gave me several suggestions. He was so friendly and easy to talk with.  I knew I could trust him to make my special day everything I wanted it to be. Even though I had never met him, I felt like I had known him awhile. All the plans went off great. He sent me all of the information with a lot of personal options. I decided on the things I wanted and sent the information back to him. He took care of everything else. All I had to dowas show up and get a marriage license. I called him several times during the process and each time he was so willing to answer any and all questions. The day of the wedding was the first time I met Kevin and Lorie. They both were so kind and ready to make our day special. They took time to make sure we got all of the pictures we wanted. We got married on Saturday and by Monday my beautiful pictures were ready for viewing. Lorie did an excellent job on making us look beautiful and capturing all our special moments. I am very satisfied with the service I received and would highly recommend Marry Me In Colorado for all wedding needs. You will not be disappointed. They are the best!

Denise and Mac Sikes, November 14, 2009
Austin, Tx




Thank you so much for all of your customization and care with our wedding. Everything was perfect! We have had numerous people say that the pictures were the prettiest wedding they had seen and it is all thanks to you. We loved the ceremony, sand unity, flowers, and pictures. I have already told one of my friends about you as she is thinking about doing a wedding in Breckenridge or Estes Park. Again, thank you!

 Adam & Letta



"Kevin's enthusiasm and extensive experience as a wedding officiant sealed the deal for us!  He has astounded us with his personal attention to our ceremony, polite demeanor, and support! His wonderful wife Lorie is indeed "The Fairy God Mother!" She offers amazing, valuable support to brides! She also offers wedding planning services! Lorie and Kevin make a solid team and are a great example to any soon to be married couple on how to support and love each other! 
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Senger, Winter Park, CO, 7-26-09 


Planning your wedding can be a stressful and exciting time. You want everything to be perfect so you do your research. While looking all over the net we were looking for a reputable officiant that would be able to meet the needs of a bride and groom that wanted a small intimate wedding but still offered the perks. Marry Me In Colorado was the one site we could not stop returning to. So many options are offered and Kevin and Lorie feel like old friends that you can talk to if there is anything needed. Every aspect of the ceremony was so beautiful and we were so happy with the end result. We are so thankful for the  beautiful memories that were made by Marry Me In Colorado on our special day. If you are looking for a pastor/officiant that can still incorporate the intimacy of a wedding ceremony whether it is large or small, look no further than Marry Me In Colorado!!!

Brooke and Jeremie Laraque-Two Elk
September 11, 2009



Hi Kevin & Lorie,

I was just writing to say hi and to once again thank you all for the great job you guys did with our wedding.  We  all (our families as well as Erin and I) thought it went great and couldn't have imagined how things could have gone any better.

You two made the process easy and elegant all in the same breath!  I can't think of enough good things to say about how everything was handled. 

Also, Lorie, your recommendations on the restaraunt for our dinner and the hairdresser made our day and the whole process that much better.  The food was exceptional and every one loved it.  And my hair, well, it was beautiful and the girl that did it did an exceptional job. 

Erin K - August 27, 2009


I'm very so very impressed with how you altered the ceremony (and that means a lot coming from a pretentious woman who got a BA in Fine Art). I can count the times on one hand when I've allowed anyone besides myself to create something written that held such high importance that I would actually use.

That being said, you truly have a gift. We love how you put flesh on our skeleton of a ceremony. You are very intuitive, and you got this one right on. We are so thankful!

Erik and Nina Miller - August, 2009


Corrie and Adam - September 11, 2009
Lily Lake



I just got your email and have gone through the pics!  LOVE THEM!  You did such an amazing job!  A true professional!  I'm overwhelmed and for one of the first times, at a loss for words.  They took my breath away!  I can't wait to show Erin when she gets off work!  Oh my, I'm so happy!  Thank you, thank you, and THANK YOU!




Thank you again for your dedication to our wedding.  Lorie took some really good pictures and you were very easygoing.  I was as comfortable as it was possible for me to be during the ceremony, and this was mostly due to your mastery of your art. Thanks again, and have a good day.

Patrick and Katie
July 25, 2009


Hi Kevin and Lorie,

Brian and I want to say Thank You again for helping to make our wedding day so special.  We had a wonderful time. 

I will continue to recommend "Marry Me In Colorado" to friends.... and anyone else who may inquire about where to get married.  You two are the best! 

Darla and Brian McFee
July 26, 2009


Dear Kevin,

Zack and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our wedding so wonderful. You made the entire experience so special and you made us feel confident that the location you suggested would be as perfect as we had hoped for. Our elopement proved to be the best decision that we've made as a couple thanks to your kindness. Your sincere regard for our happiness showed in every one of our interactions - you made it so easy and stress-free for us to plan the wedding, even from all the way in Alabama! We also greatly appreciate your flexibility and apologize for almost missing our own wedding! We are so blessed to have found you, thanks for making our dream come true!

All the best, Zack and Tanya Sylvan - June, 2009



Tiffeny and David - Falkville, AL - May 26, 2009
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO


Matt and Kim - June 6, 2009
The Fountains of Loveland, Loveland, Colorado


Emily and James - April 24, 2009
Terry Bison Ranch - Cheyenne, Wyoming


    Jeff and Jennifer - April 21, 2009         
Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs 


The decision to 'elope', or in our case plan a very intimate wedding with only 10 family members, was one that was very long and thought through from every conceivable angle.  Who would we hurt by not inviting? What if the travel arrangements became tedious? And, most importantly, would we have regrets about our wedding day later on?

Although it felt concerning, your advice and support of our decision was what made our adventure from Texas even more worth while.  You were our wedding planners, our therapist, our travel advisor and best of all you were our 'Fairy God Parents' that day in May.

The flowers were spectacular, the photos are breathtaking and the ceremony you hand crafted for us is something we will cherish our entire lives.  Every aspect that you touched of our wedding day came from your hearts, and that made it that much richer the experience. 

I'm so glad I took your advice and went ahead with my dream wedding gown and Alex rented his tuxedo - although I dreamed of wedding plans for years you were right - all of the aspects were there that were really important to us - we looked picture perfect and felt amazing, the backdrop was unparalleled to anything either of us have experienced, our families adored the activities we all enjoyed together.  We also took your advice on the BBQ we will have in our backyard next month and look forward to celebrating with the rest of our friends and family. 

So the answer to the big question - any regrets?  Absolutely NOT.   The most important people were there by our sides, my parents and brother and his wife and Alex's mom and sister with her family.  Instead of the money spent on a lavish wedding?  We are excited to share with you that we are purchasing our first home together and will be official home owners in July!

I just wanted to say that you provide an incredible service - not just the day of the wedding, but the true pleasure of getting to know you throughout the months leading up to our trip.  You were always there to answer questions and guide us and I just want to say thank you so much.  I'd be honored to be a reference for anyone who ever needs one.

Thank you again for a romantic, memorable occasion... we look forward to staying in touch and will send you photos of our new home as soon as we are settled!

- Liza and Alex, May 12, 2009



Alright, I should  be off enjoying my family; however, I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to thank you for the wonderful ceremony, flowers, pictures, and cake today. Our families were very impressed with your ceremony; Dirk and I were also pleased.

The Rock Inn Tavern was extremely accommodating to our dinner this evening, I'm sure it helped that we held it at 4pm instead of regular dinner time. I would recommend them for people who had a similar wedding event to ours.

A more formal thank you to follow after our honeymoon, just wanted to let you know we truly enjoyed ourselves today.  Thanks for everything!


The NEW Mr. and Mrs.
May 9, 2009





We received the disc of the pictures!!  - OMG they are absolutely WONDERFUL!!

I gave your website info to the local bridal store (they called just to ask how it went -small town living! Hopefully you'll generate some deserving referrals from that! Thank you SO much again for coming out in the sub zero weather to make our special day so special!!  We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to bringing our children out west soon!!!  Thanks you SO much!!!

Jamie and Cory - March 10, 2009 - Sapphire Point, Breckenridge


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for planning such a wonderful wedding for us! It was exactly what we had pictured in our minds! You guys do a wonderful job, and made our wedding day stress free and EXACTLY what we wanted!!

Thank You for helping us make our day so special!!

Katie and Alex - February 21, 2009
Black Canyon Inn / Twin Owls Steakhouse, Estes Park, CO



Dear Kevin,

We finally had a quiet moment to sit and reflect on our wedding day.  As everyone warned us, the wedding went by in a blur, but because of you I will always remember our ceremony. 

You took the time to meet and talk with us; to see how we interacted with each other and assisted us in making the ceremony our own (a task the two of us were uncertain and nervous about). You expertly tailored our ceremony to one that melded the needs of our two families with ours and your personal interaction and fun sense of humor made everyone feel involved in the event (which is still mentioned these many months later!).  Thanks for all your help during a great but stressful time! 
Sincerely, Jennifer and John Scott - Red Stone Inn




Thank you for making our wedding day such a beautiful experience!  The location you suggested was breathtaking!

The pictures are spectacular - Wow!  There really are some amazing photos!  You took so many and really captured the essence of all of us.  I'm glad we purchased extra photography, choosing just a few photos would have been impossible!

Your willingness to arrange flowers, pictures and the last minute
request for music was very much appreciated!! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect!  Thank you for all you did to make this day such a treasure that we will never forget!!

Phil, Tonja and the Girls - January 17, 2009




Thank you so very much first and foremost for sharing your own anniversary with us, this too was a very special day to us and our family.  This special moment was a long time coming.  The ceremony was filled with heartfelt words that expressed Casey and my love for one another and the love we have for our family.  The words that you wrote for us was an expression to the world and before God the love we have and will share for the rest of our lives.  The moment we met over the phone you took great interest in providing us with help and service.  Even if it was a few hours in time, this time will last forever in our hearts and in our minds.  The flowers, the cake, the champagne, the sparkling cider and the great photographer wrapped this day in the best Christmas present I could ever receive.  Having our children all together to share in a special family vow and to be involved with our decision was the icing on the cake.  I look forward in keeping in touch with a such a couple that continue to reach out to others with the talents that they have been blessed with.  THANK YOU!! 








As I pondered how to describe our wedding day, not even the words "spectacular" or "visionary" would do... I just kept thinking over and over to myself... "WOW".  A simple word with a powerful punch and it is perfect to describe you!  When we decided to elope we had no idea where or how or when.  We found your website and despite being a traditional bride and searching for endless hours, I always ended back at your website.  Call it a magical draw or fate, but whatever it was was just too powerful!  Our wedding day couldn't have been more perfect.  It is as if you have known each of us for years... the words you spoke were not AT us, but TO us.    The setting you suggested was truly magical for us and our families, and a spot that we look forward to revisiting every time we come to Colorado.   If there was any way to bottle the love and emotions from our wedding day we would be wealthy people... but instead we will enjoy our little hidden riches between us and be wealthier than anyone could wish for.  I hope that every couple considering a wedding that takes them on a spiritual journey into their love stumbles on to your website and reads my tribute to know that they need look no further - they have found the perfect place!  I hope that you are blessed in return for the joy you have given us and many other couples I am sure!

Amber and Maxwell Neice - September 6, 2009
Austin, Texas





Dear Kevin,

Stephen and I wanted to thank you for our wonderful wedding ceremony.  Although we were being attacked by mosquitoes and had an impending rain shower it still couldn't have been more perfect.  Contacting someone over the Internet would make anybody a little apprehensive, but things turned out just great!  Our special request wedding cake and bridal bouquet were just as ordered and the pictures were beautiful.  We never expected to receive as many pictures as we did.  Thanks again to you and your wife for making our wedding day turn out just as we dreamed it would be. 


Stephen and Bonnie Harris




Dear Kevin:

I just wanted to thank you once again for the wonderful wedding ceremony that you performed for my daughter  and her new husband this past weekend. I can't begin to tell you how many compliment we have had about the ceremony. You were able to sprinkle in just enough humor into the ceremony which allowed the personalities of Dave and Kelly to shine through and let everyone in attendance share in their happiness!

Thanks again!

Joe  & Michele Adams
 Parents of Kelly  - August 9, 2009 - Foote Lagoon, Loveland Co



" We just wanted to thank you for making our day so perfect and stress free.  You really went the extra mile, and were willing to do whatever was  necessary to make it easier for us. 

 The photos were amazing and the cake was delicious.  Thank you for getting the photos back to me so fast, they were a big hit to share at our reception!  The ceremony was exactly what I was looking for.  You were willing to add and delete any part, and that made it perfect. 

I don't think the event could have been near as easy and relaxed if the 2 of you weren't there.  You're the best!"

Luke and Luciana - August 9, 2009




We received the disc of photos from our wedding - they are beautiful!!  We were so happy with how they turned out.. you are so talented!!  I'm working on an album already and have several pictures up in our house.  There were many more photos on the disc than we were expecting to get -- and we thank you so much for that.  It's very nice to have those memories, in fact, it is priceless.

Thank you, again, for the beautiful pictures and for helping us to have the most wonderful and memorable day of 2009.  Then entire day was amazing!  The location, the weather (which, it seemed, was timed to be gorgeous long enough for our wedding!), the ceremony - we can't stop talking about how meaningful and personal it was.  And, you  made it so easy for us -- considering the very short notice and the very tight budget :o)   8-8-09 was a perfect second beginning for our family -- mostly thanks to you! We are forever grateful!

Mike and Kristy - 08/08/09



Jim and Wendy Bollero
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park - July, 2009
Photos by Marry Me In Colorado


Jim and I wish to thank you both for everything that you did to make our special day and absolute storybook wedding.  All arrangements were made with the upmost professionalism, with wonderful character and flair thrown in.  I appreciate Kevin's sense of humor and making the tense moments of the day seem trivial. And, you took your time getting the flowers and photo's just right. Thank you.
Making arrangements for one of the most important days of your life is very difficult to do from another state.  We had dreamed of such an opportunity to be married in such a majestic setting. You made that dream come true.  As I stated before it was if we were living a storybook wedding.  
Thank you for your time and efforts to make it absolutely wonderful. Our guest were most impressed.
Wendi & Jim Bollero
P.S. Might I also add that the cake was absolutely delicious. There was not a crumb left!


How Our Wedding Day Was Saved...

So, there we were... all gathered together at the ceremony site with our family and friends... the only missing factor was the pastor we had hired - who FORGOT our wedding!  A panic-filled but lucky jaunt up the road to Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch led us to find Kevin Cooper just leaving from the ceremony he performed earlier in the evening.  I can only describe it as a true serendipitous moment!

Without even a second thought, Kevin jumped into his car and followed us to our site by the river, and without a moment's hesitation, he stepped in and performed a ceremony that we could not in a million years have wished for anything better.  Our Pastor was planning the same-ole centuries old ceremony, but what we got was something out of a fairy tale book - like you had known us for months of planning!

Kevin - you were truly a blessing to us that fateful Saturday evening!  You not only rescued our wedding day, but you did it in a way that we can never thank you enough for!  Thank you for making everything OK - and seeing to it that we were married in a ceremony that we will never forget!

Jamie and Bryce - July, 2009
Loveland, Co


Harry and tina - July, 2008
Black Canyon Inn and Twin Owls Steakhouse, Estes Park, CO
Photos by Marry Me In Colorado_



The two of you are an amazing pair - and we mean that as both an inspiration for us as a married couple and as a working team!

Your attention to every detail delivered a day that was beyond my dreams!  I hope that every potential customer reads this to know that you are truly exceptional at what you both do... The ceremony that Kevin wrote for us couldn't have been any more reflective of us.    Lorie - your flowers were a work of art, the cake was exactly what we wanted, and the photos were just spectacular - I don't know how you do it but you are truly a master in all aspects of weddings!

Our guests to this day tell us they have been to dozens of weddings but nothing as special as ours - and we have you to thank for that!

- Craig and Allison
Lily Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park
June 21, 2009



" Kevin, I wanted to take a minute to thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my ceremony with the music.  I can't believe that I forgot it in all of the rush of last minute preparation, and was so amazed that you keep a CD of wedding music right there in your folder!  I couldn't imagine walking down the isle without it!

The ceremony was  beautiful, just the way we wanted it. My daughter's tears of joy were so special to me. Then when Pete choked up during his vows, I knew that we made the right decision having you perform our ceremony!  For that moment in time, it was only Pete and I in the world. I will cherish that forever.

We got so many  compliments about your family sand ceremony. I loved the significance and meaning around it. I will, without a doubt,  recommend you to the next bride-to-be I meet." - Shellie & Pedro



Levi and I would like to thank you for your amazing work at our wedding. From our first phone call to the day of the wedding you were informative, kind, funny and absolutely essential to our perfect day. We absolutely loved it; both of us will never forget the hand ceremony. It was our favorite piece. The entire ceremony was uniquely made for us and fit my husband and I to a tee. We have received numerous compliments about what an exceptional job you did for us. Thank you for everything. - Levi & Tera Hillsman - November 10, 2009



I can't tell you how many compliments we've received on the ceremony. The hand ceremony, rock/sand sculpture, everything. You did such a phenomenal job. Thank you for your participation in this meaningful event and for your endless professionalism. 

- Matt and Kimberly Wiggins
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO
 October, 2009


Kevin, I want to thank you again for being part of our wedding.  The ceremony turned out wonderful and we have gotten so many compliments from our friends and family about how special it was.  We had a great time and really appreciate your help.  - Thanks again, Ashley - August, 2009


"Kevin,  My husband and I want to send a heartfelt thank you for the incredible job you did for our daughter Trina's wedding last month (August, 2009).  As we are not members of any specific church, we were concerned about finding an officiant that would take a personal interest in Trina and Jeremy's wedding ceremony, and not a JP who we barely knew.  Not only did you take interest, but you became an extension of our family during the planning process.  Your help with finding vendors, to our general wedding planning crisis situations, you were the calm in our storm.  Your entire staff was so helpful, beyond and above what any other vendor would ever undertake.  The ceremony couldn't have been more representative of them... from the nature ceremony with the stones and your beautiful reading of how it included every member of our wedding party and guests, to the vows you helped them each to write.  While we are not religious, we consider ourselves spiritual, and you were truly meant to be a part of not only the wedding, but as part of this new family union!  Please use me as a reference for anyone who ever needs one, I am sure that after talking with us they won't even conceptualize using anyone else to oversee their ceremony.  I wish the very best for you, you have truly found your gift and bless every union you perform I am sure!" -
Carol Alverson - Mother to Trina Alverson


"Kevin - We truly appreciate you!  You made our special moment that much more magical!   And you can post that!  Great job, and thanks again!

 ~ Rebekah and Tom N. - June, 2009
The Stanley Hotel


Kevin Cooper was eminently professional and absolutely indispensable in creating the detail and atmosphere that made my daughters wedding what many of our guests would tell me was the most beautiful weddings they had ever attended.  He became our liaison with hotel staff and took the responsibility of seeing to it that the knew and acted on the necessary specifics of what was to occur during the ceremony."

~ Evelyn and Brian P. - May, 2009
The Stanley Hotel


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