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 Our Stories of Real Couples, New Beginnings and Great Friends!


Entry -

January, 2013

Kristina and Karl



Kristina and Karl came to us all the way from Louisville Kentucky for a romantic New Year's Eve wedding.  Kristina and Karl are both police officers in Kentucky.  We traveled to one of our new favorite locations, Beaver Meadows Overlook for a romantic ceremony with blue skies, fresh snow and unbeatable views!  The rock outcroppings at this spot are one of our favorites for great photographs, and snapping photos of fox and rabbit foot prints leading right up to where they were standing made it fun as well!  Kristina was the first to get to wear our NEW cape addition - made of double lined fleece with fur trim and a fleece lined matching muff!  It did make us suddenly realize that we should come up with an equally fair alternative for the groom when it is ten BELOW zero outside... or perhaps order a new muff that is able to accommodate TWO pairs of hands!


Entry -

Dec, 2012

Beth and John


Only on a rare occasion are we forced by the graces of Mother Nature to change wedding day plans - but needless to say there was a power greater than us who know the picture perfect day would be the NEXT day in this case.  Thanks to a blistery storm in the Colorado mountains forcing closings of roads between us, we postponed nuptials for the next day and made our way.  What we found was not only a BEAUTIFUL couple who glowed the glory of true love, but a GORGEOUS day with freshly covered paths and snow covered trees as our background.    Beth and Tim, who traveled all they way from Sarasota Florida, shared their vows on the bank of the river and what a day it was! 


Entry -

December, 2012

Kristina and David


Kristina and David came all the way from Texas for an intimate family wedding celebration.  Kristina's dreams for her wedding day were mountain views with a blanket of snow surrounding them and they were NOT disappointed!  We spent the day with this wonderful couple and their families as we shared their intimate ceremony on the bridge at Moraine Park.  A special treat of a classic Rolls Royce was not only a ride in pure elegance - but made it possible for Kristina's 90 year old grandmother the chance to attend the wedding and sit in style as she witnessed her granddaughter's exchange of vows.  Not to mention the car makes for a WONDERFUL photo opportunity as well!  We then traveled into Estes Park for photos along the way from our secret spot for fun and unbeatable backdrops for Estes Park photos, and then continued on for a fabulous dinner and dancing at the Historic Stanley Hotel. 


Entry -

December, 2012

Chelsie and Tim


 I've always been told that  "What doesn't kill you - only makes you stronger..."  Chelsie and Tim helped to prove that point to us and I in particular overcame a lifelong fear today.   On a beautiful day in December we made our way to the top of the highest ski point.   Being terrified of heights, and moreso falling, I had "Assumed" we would travel in a secure and glass surrounded gondola.  Needless to say had I known and given it sufficient time to process the days ahead, Kevin would have played both Officiant AND photographer!  LOL.  Once we discovered (half way UP the mountain) that the nifty bar above our heads pulled down to actually SECURE us from falling out of the seat, we made it safe and sound.  And what a BEAUTIFUL experience it was!  Views were amazing, the couple precious and the experience by the end of the day left me ready for MORE - anybody else up for a mountain top elopement?   As a native Coloradoan, I thank Chelsie and Tim for getting me, FINALLY, to the top of the mountain for an unforgettable experience!   Oh, and just incase you are wondering?  Yes... We DID take the lift back DOWN the mountain.


Entry -

November, 2012

Nicole and Wayne Tharpe


For well over 6 months we had the opportunity to develop a friendship with Nicole and Wayne, who traveled with their pack of friends all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana to experience a Winter Wonderland wedding in the Colorado snow.  Determined to experience lots of newness on their vacation, they endured bitter cold temperatures but enjoyed sunny skies with snow capped mountains to frame their wedding ceremony at Sprague Lake.  Surrounded by loving friends and relatives the two exchanged vows on the dock at Sprague Lake.  Following the ceremony we caravanned over to the Historic Stanley Hotel where they are celebrating their 100th year in grand style.  We took advantage of antique window coverings, romantic furnishings on the grand front porch, their amazing staircase, cascades waterfall and other spots that are secretly known but a former director of weddings at this amazing hotel!    We already miss our regular chats with Nicole but find an excuse now and then to chit chat and see how our beloved newlyweds are doing!  Thanks for the chance to not only spend time on your wedding, but on getting to know you and be able to call you friends that we look forward to seeing on your anniversary trip back to Estes Park!


Entry -

October 10, 2011

Taylor and Ashley Buckholz
Rocky Mountain National Park




One of the challenging aspects of an elopement is keeping things intimate - and sometimes, private!  Taylor Buckholz is a professional pitcher for the Colorado Rockies Baseball (Now Boston Red Sox)team and we had the privilege of getting to know Taylor and his lovely bride Ashley for several months during the planning of their very secret elopement plans!  What an amazing couple to be able to call our friends - sincere and loving people who adore family including Taylor's son Jayden and their lovable fur-kids.   We enjoyed the whole day with Taylor and Ashley as they prepared for their wedding day at the lovely Della Terra Mountain Châteaux where we snuck photos in of Ashley getting ready and again after their nuptials as they toasted and shared their wedding cake.  Their ceremony was in a picture perfect setting of clear blue skies and beautiful fall colors surrounding them!  We held their ceremony at Sprague Lake, at my favorite spot on the south side of the lake.  After taking photos all around the lake, we drove to Moraine Pointe for some amazing sunset photos.  The day went off very romantically and privately for the two of them with the exception of the challenges of fans who recognized us at Sprague Lake.  Chasing off photo-snapping and sneaky guests is one of our strong suits to keeping our couples day completely private - but with a celebrity it was a bit more of a challenge!  We finished the day in time for them to rest - catch some Monday Night Football and then off to a Rockies game the following day!  Thank you to Taylor and Ashley for entrusting such an important day in our hands and for the opportunity to get to know the both of them!


Laura and Anthony
Lily Lake Picnic Area
Rocky Mountain National Park



Laura and Anthony become one of my personal favorites this year in that it gave my creative juices a chance to really get flowing!  Traveling from Texas, and living in the big city, Laura's vision was to give her guests a fun, elegant, rustic wedding experience.  Her flowers were some of my fav's - romantic peonies, garden roses, calla lilies and Queen Anne's Lace.  Her ceremony was decorated using our new Colorado Aspen arch, the aisle was lined with burlap runners and alternating hanging arrangements in shepherd's hook vases and vintage mason jars.  Their reception carried on the theme with tables covered in burlap runners and vintage lace table cloths and the centerpieces were comprised of unique vintage jars wrapped in burlap and twine, and her cake was decorated in the 'roughed' vintage style with peonies... and the room was covered with one of my other favorites - hand made aspen log candle holders!  It was a beautiful day for a wonderful couple and the thank you note we received a few weeks later said it all - they left with a smile on their face and memories to cherish!


Entry -

July 31, 2012

Nenad "Albert" and Mary


This past week we enjoyed a beautiful couple for a true elopement -  After receiving a call on Wednesday, Nenad "Albert" and Mary jumped into their car  and began a trek that started in Dallas and ended two days later in Colorado on a rock in the hidden river just off of Sprague Lake Park.  Thanks to rain the day of their wedding, the trees were green and lush, the river full of energy and wildflowers everywhere!  These two were absolutely radiant and couldn't keep their eyes off of each other!  They looked like they had stepped right off of the pages of a wedding magazine!  Nenad is a native of Serbia and is a Professor of Philosophy at Dallas based Southern Methodist University.  Mary's family is from Czechoslovakia but was raised in Texas.  On August 5, the two will journey to Nenad's Serbian homeland where the two will celebrate a traditional wedding with his family and friends.  We wish you both a very safe journey and look forward to hearing about your wedding day! 


Entry -

July 26, 2012

Katie and Patrick




We had the pleasure of visiting one of our favorite sites yesterday - Moraine Pointe. This location is wonderful not only because it is completely private (with the exception of wild life stopping by to see what is going on, but no worries of people as there are no hiking trails) but because it offers us 360 degree views of not only the majestic mountains, but of rock outcroppings, the river winding lazily below, the meadows full of wild flowers and a beautiful lone old oak tree.  Katie and Patrick along with their family came from Oklahoma and enjoyed the park to its fullest with spending their days prior and afterward camping in beautiful Moraine Campground at the bottom of the hill.  They enjoyed hiking and the drive to the summit of Trail Ridge Road and enjoyed a gourmet dinner prepared by the family's own professional chef - Patrick's Father.  We dodged the rain storms that had been scattered throughout the day just in time to finish their ceremony and snap a few family photos... but even with clouds overhead the sun managed to peak through and provide us with beautiful rays through the raindrops! 


Entry -

July 25, 2012

Larry and Christy





We always adore every couple that we meet along the way, and treasure the relationships that we have built throughout the years.  Every once in awhile you come across a couple who has a mesmerizing affect on you, and Larry and Christy definitely charmed us.  After driving across country from Pennsylvania,  Larry and Christy shared what can only be described as one of the most emotional, romantic and sincere ceremonies we have had.  After exploring the Moraine Park meadow, Larry and Christy found the perfect spot for their ceremony, and after preparing a rose petal heart to set the stage for exchanging their vows, Larry carefully selected music to be played the entire time as a tribute to Christy, and their heartfelt hand written vows to one another brought tears to ALL of our eyes (hard to take pictures when you are crying at the same time!!!)  Larry is a retired Army officer who spent his career as a protector and leader... Christy, through an amazing story that proves that their love was fate,  found her way into Larry's heart and together they will share a life of love and appreciation.  Larry and Christy - thank you for sharing your day with us and for touching our lives with your story of how 2 people are meant to be together for their "Happily Ever After".



Entry -

July 20, 2012

Ginger and David


Ginger and David were a breath of fresh air... and a taste of home for Kevin!  They came to us from Fort Worth, Texas.... just a hop, skip and a jump from Kevin's old neighborhood!  We enjoyed a beautiful summer day in the Rocky Mountain National Park where Ginger and David exchanged vows on the dock at Sprague Lake followed by a stroll around the lake for photos and then off to our new spot for photos in the river!  David reminded us of a very important details to share with our couples... DON'T FORGET TO TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES DURING YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY... Even if Mom can't stand not calling to see if you have officially tied the knot yet, it is a bit of a distraction when you have just been told to kiss your bride!!  Ginger and David - thanks for sharing your special day with us, and for bringing a bit of Texas along with you to give Kevin is southern fix to last awhile!



Entry -

July 12, 2012

Kimberly and Keith






Kimberly and Keith are in the running for the couple traveling the furthest for a Colorado Elopement by Marry Me In Colorado... they came from India (yes, the country!) where Keith is employed as a commercial airline Captain.  They wanted a memorable wedding day and not only did they pick a unforgettable location, we shared an amazing site with them as well!  During the post-ceremony photos, we were posing on a favorite spot on a bridge next to the lake and over a creek.  Suddenly behind them, casually strolling right smack through the center of the lake, was a herd of 8 baby and 6 mama elk out for a late afternoon cooldown from the day's heat!  The elk in the water with the Rockies towering above them made for a true once-in-a-lifetime shot for both us and Kimberly and Keith!  The elk stayed in the area throughout the rest of our time at the lake... and what grand witnesses they made to the signing of the marriage license!  Kimberly and Keith - thanks for coming from so far away to be married here - we hope that it was an unforgettable day and that you enjoy the photos of a lifetime!!!



Entry -

July 10, 2012

Kristen and Laramy





Kristen and Laramy are from the beautiful state of Missouri, but wanted something memorable for their wedding day.  We celebrated their wedding day on the bank of Sprague Lake in a new setting for us - but the one spot that 'spoke' to them during a prior stroll to find the perfect spot for their nuptials.   This was an adorable couple who was as creative as they are handsome... Kristen and Laramy sealed their love in a Box ceremony, where they sealed a bottle of wine, 2 glasses and letters written to one another expressing their wedding day love for one another.  The box, which was hand made by Kristen and Laramy themselves, was then locked and to be stored away.  The box will remain sealed unless the time arises that the letters are to be used to remind one another of their love and reasons for marrying should they ever be needed... otherwise it is to be opened on their 10 year anniversary and the wine shared between them - the same wine enjoyed as part of their wine ceremony during their wedding.   After the ceremony, Kristen and Laramy shared another secret spot with us for some amazing photos of the two of them on a rock in the center of the river - thanks to them for finding the spot and allowing us to share it with other couples for a new romantic site for photos!



Entry -

June 30, 2012

Sabrina and Charles





Sabrina and Charles contacted us for a true elopement... with only a few days notice we met the two of them in beautiful Breckenridge, and in between rain showers (the only break we had seen for literally 5 days of solid rain here in Colorado) there was just enough of a ray of sunshine to start these to out on their new life together!  Sabrina and Charles are both in the military, Sabrina is currently stationed in Colorado Springs and Charles was on leave before making his new home in Alaska!  They get to spend a few weeks of R&R together before he leaves in July, we wish them both all of the very best and as we do with all of our military couples, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the dedication you make to keeping our family and our country safe!



Entry -

June 30, 2012

Shannon and Greg





Shannon and Greg along with their families traveled from South Dakota to enjoy a Colorado summer destination wedding.   Their chosen spot was on top of Vail Mountain that required a gondola ride from the bottom of the hill.  Reaching the top and settling in for the ceremony, you could see the wall of rain moving in quickly to the West... but Mother Nature cooperated long enough to give this great couple the outdoor mountain top wedding they dreamed of.  The clouds seemed so close that you could reach up and touch them, and the smell of rain in the Rockies topped off all of our senses that day!  Literally seconds after  they shared their first kiss, the sleet began to fall around us... we decided that it must have been the angels above showering Shannon and Greg with their own for m of rice to help celebrate the occasion!



Entry -

June 18, 2012

Megan and Jeff



Megan and Jeff came to us from Missouri and with their adventurous spirit allowed us the chance to perform a wedding at a location we have been wishing for for a very long time.  We fondly refer to the site now as Moraine Pointe - perched on a hill top with spectacular views 360 degrees of lush meadows with a winding creek below, staggering mountain peaks, romantic rock outcroppings and the true sense of being "On Top Of The World!"  Megan and Jeff, along with their families, camped in nearby Moraine Park and told us about relaxing while watching newborn elk at their mother's side exploring the neighboring meadow and the peaceful serenity that the majestic Rocky Mountains offer.  Following the ceremony we walked down to the meadow below for some romantic shots and even captured a few of hummingbirds and wild flowers.



Entry -

May 23, 2012

Jeanette and Handrey



If there is a favorite aspect of what we do it is having the opportunity to meet couples from all over the world who decide to spend their wedding celebration with us here in Colorado.  Jeanette and Handrey have so far been our furthest traveled guests - all the way from South Africa!  These two have a fabulous story of their chance meeting - all thanks to airline trouble on their flight 4 years ago out of South Africa causing an emergency landing!  Between passing one another in the customer service line re-booking their flights, bumping into one another collecting their luggage, spending time chatting while in Customs - all that led to a blossoming romance that has now brought them to celebrate their vows here in the US!  What an amazing story of a couple destined to find one another in our hectic world!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your story, and safe travels back to South Africa - we wish you the very best and look forward to keeping in touch!



Entry -

April 29, 2012

Lindsay and Clint



We couldn't have spent a more picture perfect day in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park than the one we enjoyed on April 29 with Lindsay and Clint.  This adorable couple came to us all the way from Georgia - opting for an intimate wedding for the two of them and an adventurous honeymoon exploring all that Colorado has to offer.   The weather was spectacular and the views majestic with snow capped peaks and the water just seemed to sparkle all around us.  Spring time means romance in the Rockies - with ducks and geese pairing off and the busy preparations for new baby big horn sheep, elk, deer and an abundance of other wild life all around the park.  After seven years of striving to meet their goals, not only will Lindsay  graduate in a few short weeks with her master's degree, in Social work, but she has a handsome new husband, a georgous wedding ring and eternal memories of a romantic union of their two hearts all to share many new beginnings with! 


Entry -

April 20, 2012

Crystal and John



If we hadn't known any better we would have swore this was a celebrity couple - well, at  least and "look alike" celebrity couple!  I thought that Crystal was the spitting image of Ashley Judd and John resembled a young Brad Pitt - Talk about picture perfect!

Crystal and John came to us from Texas looking for the perfect backdrop to their romantic elopement.  Thanks to over 3' of snow in the Rockies that day, they opted for our friends at the historic McCreery House in our very own "Sweet Heart City" of Loveland and were not disappointed! 

Joined by Crystal's daughter Sheridan, the two exchanged vows on this long awaited day... John, a Captain in the Army just returned a few days prior from a 15-month tour in Iraq.  Welcome home John - and congratulations to you and Crystal in the beginning of your new life together!


Entry -

April 12, 2012

Melissa and Larry



Melissa and Larry returned to one of their favorite vacation spots - Colorado - from their home in Indiana to exchange their wedding vows.  Their hope was for fresh snow - visions of snow draped pine trees - and they were not disappointed!  Thanks to a quick storm the day before, Four Eagles Ranch in Avon, Just outside of Vail, was blanketed in beautiful glistening snow!  It was enough to make these two as giddy as school kids!

Safe travels home you two... and thanks for having the power of love that is strong enough for Mother Nature to decorate for your wedding day!


Entry -

March 31, 2012

Kleena and Shane



Kleena and Shane braved the cold temperatures but reaped the benefits of a fabulous backdrop of fresh snow at the Fox Run Regional Park in Colorado Springs on March 30.  Joined by their three adorable little ones, sisters and parents - and special guests all the way from the Philippine Islands, Kleena's grandparents.

The ceremony was topped off  with a traditional Philippine hand binding ceremony.  The love in Kleena and Shane's eyes emulated the sparkle that lets us know that this is one of those couples destined to spend their lives together!



Entry -

March 27, 2012

Cindy and Jay



They say "Be Careful What You Wish For... You Might Just Get It!"  Well, Cindy and Jay traveled from Indiana to be married in on of the first spots they visited on vacation together... and Cindy wished for SNOW.  Well, March 26, 2009 - The day we planned for their wedding - brought in the BIGGEST snowstorm we received all year!   In hopes for better pictures than white out conditions, we opted to give mother nature a day to recover and see what we would end up with the next day... and we were NOT disappointed!  The weather was gorgeous, and the background of the snow capped mountains and the pine trees draped in blankets of snow was better than any of us could have imagined!  Best wishes to both of you and we hope you celebrate many upcoming vacations here in Colorado with even fonder memories of your picture-perfect wedding day!



Entry -

March 13, 2012

Randy and Heidi



Who ever said that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day obviously never met Randy and Heidi! 

They made it a day to remember with a romantic elopement at Sprague Lake.  The day couldn't have been more perfect - blue clear skies and warm weather welcomed our couple from Oklahoma.  Their ceremony was full of emotion and romance and these two barely ever took their eyes off of each other!

Congratulations to both of you - and best wishes for that bundle of joy you are expecting - who joins big brother Mason at home!



Entry -

March 12, 2012

Adel and Sam



While there is no greater joy than the business that we run and marrying couples, only on a rare occasion do we get the pleasure of performing a wedding for a dear family friend.  Adel has been part of our extended family for over 9 years now - since she graduated from high school in Windsor and came to work for us.  She was the typical young woman eager to be successful in her career (she now owns Rumors on Main Salon and Spa in Windsor) but she longed to be a wife and mother.  This past week Adel and her prince charming, Sam, were married at a beautiful historic church in Windsor... and are expecting a baby in the next couple of weeks (Just hold on until we get back in town little one!!).  Thanks, Adel, for being a special part of our family - it's been a pleasure watching you blossom into a beautiful woman, a new wife and soon-to-be mother!  We wish you and Sam and your new family a lifetime of blessings and love!



Entry -

March 11, 2012

Dee Dee and Rick
March 10, 2009 - Breckenridge, CO



Dee Dee and Rick along with Rick's 2 adorable daughters and Dee Dee's father  traveled to Breckenridge from Fort Worth, Texas.  Another wonderful dose of Texas had Kevin on cloud nine - and his southern charm was at its finest! 

With the weather not as cooperative and we had wished for, we opted for an indoor site at the romantic Village Resort in downtown Breckenridge, and the two exchanged vows in front of a crackling fire as snowflakes danced on the windows around them.

Tears were free flowing as Rick, accompanied by Keith Urban via our Bose system sang a romantic love song to surprise his bride.  The two of them included the girls with family vows and they created a beautiful sand ceremony to symbolize the unity of a new family.

We wish Dee Dee and Rick as well as the girls a wonderful stay in Colorado as they experience a Colorado winter play land on the slopes - and a beautiful life together!



Entry -

March 10, 2012

Jamie and Cory
March 10, 2012 - Sapphire Point, CO



Jamie and Cory came to us from Tennessee.  While planning their elopement it was a choice between the beach or in the mountains... and after Jamie convinced Cory that her "Beach Hair" wasn't the way she wanted to etch her wedding photos in stone, they opted for our own back yard!  Their vision -  a beautiful winter wonderland wedding.  Arriving in Colorado to NO trace of snow for weeks now,  on Saturday, they were ecstatic to wake on Tuesday morning to over 12 inches of fresh powder covering the area!  Braving the cold they said their vows just as they dreamed - in the majestic snow-capped mountains of Breckenridge on Sapphire Point!



Entry -

March 9, 2012

Amber & Joseph - March 7, 2012
 Coors Field, Denver, CO



Ah Spring... Where a young couple's attentions are turned to the roar of the crowds, the smell of hot dogs and peanuts, the sight of pennants waving and that fly ball making its way out of the stadium... and the sound of - WEDDING BELLS???

For  Amber  and Joseph on Saturday the 7th of March it was a home run for two of the biggest Rockie's fans in the state when they tied the knot at Coor's Field!  After spending every week during the summer enjoying their favorite past time, the two decided it would be the perfect spot to memorialize their love and leave their own special mark beneath the mosaic baseball archway.

Amber began the ceremony with a surprise a cappella song for Joseph that didn't leave a dry eye amongst us with her angelic voice.  Their vows included to love, honor and cherish one another throughout all innings of their lives.  Their colors?  None other than purple and black!

We wish Amber and Joseph the very best - and know that their black and purple hearts will only beat for one another!



Entry -

February 21, 2012




Brian and Heather made the trek to Colorado all the way from Dallas/Ft. Worth, my very own old stomping grounds!  It was great to get a little dose of Texas!

Their dance to the Cinderella II's fairytale song "Beautiful" by Wayne Brady and Jim Brickman on the frozen ice at Sprague Lake was truly as romantic as it gets. You could clearly see they had eyes only for each other. Their love exemplifies that every thing is bigger in Texas! My hat is off to this handsome couple!


Entry -

February 15, 2012

Shannon & Michael
Feb 14, 2012
Colorado Eagles Hockey Game
Loveland CO



There is just no more of a romantic way that we can think of to spend Valentine's day than with a romantic wedding - and how better than to share it with, oh... say 8,000 of your closest friends!! 

We had the pleasure of working with Shannon and Michael make a dream come true for two devout Colorado Eagle's Hockey Fans with a wedding between periods on center ice! 

With maid of honor and best man along with Shannon's two adorable daughters by her side, the wedding party was completed with the Eagle's own mascot acting as ring bearer.  The ceremony was made complete with a ride around the ice on a decorated Zamboni, wedding cake and champagne in a private party suite - it was definitely a wedding to remember!  MORE PICS HERE  SEE THE EAGLES WEBSITE INVITATION



Entry -

February 14, 2012

Jamie and Charles - Feb.14, 2012
Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park CO



Jamie and Charles visited us from Austin Texas and chose Valentine's Day in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park to start off their "Happily Ever After".

Jamie's mother made a surprise trip from Texas to share the special day with the couple.

They selected a romantic spot right on the frozen lake with the mountains surrounding them and snowflakes glittered in the air. 

The couple's journey was marked in history in Denver on Friday the 13th of 2009 when they stopped by to pick up their marriage license in one of the local state clerk's office.  Not only was the office decorated in grand style to celebrate Valentine's Day weddings - but our couple was greeted by local news stations who interviewed them and awarded gifts as being the couple who traveled the furthest to be married in Colorado!

See the Article from 9News and Rocky Mountain News HERE!



Entry -

January 30, 2012



Another picture perfect day in the Rocky Mountains for a truly unforgettable wedding!  The weather was spectacular, the couple precious, and the site unparalleled!  We got to visit one of our favorite spots in Estes, the Black Canyon Inn.  Christian and Rachael traveled from Colorado Springs along with 30 family guests for a romantic candlelit ceremony and dinner at Twin Owls Steakhouse right there at the lodge.  Their wedding theme was Western - perfect for the lodge setting - and it gave Kevin the chance to wear his dress boots and bring along his Resistol Hat (Texas boys never leave them far out of reach!)  His hat ended up the perfect prop for some very romantic and sexy (what girl doesn't find a man in boots and a stunning black hat sexy!) photos.  Surrounded by their closest family and friends, with their children standing by their side, it was a sentimental ceremony that left few dry eyes in the house!  We snuck off for some romantic shots with the Twin Owls mountains in the background and rustic fences and log and river rock fireplaces.  A great day for a great couple - and another "Happily Ever After" under way!


Entry -

January 18, 2012

Phil and Tonja
January 17, 2012
Sapphire Point, Breckenridge, CO



What a beautiful day for a mountain top wedding!  We traveled the trek to Breckenridge yesterday for one of those stories that are my favorite.  Phil and Tonja from Florida contacted us while planning a family vacation to Colorado.  They not only wanted to try skiing for the first time - but wanted to surprise their daughters by eloping as well!  They wanted to make the day special by celebrating their union with just the 5 of them.  The ceremony was one of the most touching I've seen in a long time... it make me realize how thankful I am to have automatic focus on my camera since it's a bit hard to see through the eyepiece when your eyes are full of tears!!!  They each had a quiet moment with each of the girls - profession their love not only for one another, but for their new family as well.  It was a bonding time that they... nor we... will forget.   The morning was topped off with the family enjoying their first snowball fight... complete with lessons to the little ones on how to make a snowball!  (All we could think of was to liken it to Florida sand - but it sticks together to make a ball... finally the comparison to play dough helped!) Thanks Phil and Tonja and your 3 beautiful daughters for allowing us to be a special part of witnessing the formation of this new blended family! 



Entry -

December 24, 2012

Christy & Doug - Dec. 23, 2012
Sapphire Point, Breckenridge, CO



Yes, it is a REAL tattoo... and it reads "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" and boy was it fitting for today!  It was a true holiday winter wonder-land scene!  We had about 14" of snow last night and the air was a crisp 5 (Yes, FIVE) degrees on our way to Sapphire Point.  Looking beyond the cold you could see the spectacular beauty that is only on occasion the setting for an afternoon wedding... every tree was covered in white crystals, the clouds stayed in just the right position, and the only snow that fell made the air glitter and sparkle - ALMOST as much as this couples eyes!   Christy and Doug visited us from San Diego, and after a LONG engagement (12 years together, if I recall correctly) were married in a romantic ceremony with just the two of them.    Christy's grandmother's stole was the icing on the cake for romantic photos AND a great way to ensure that she stayed warm!  Enjoy the rest of your vacation Christy and Doug - and watch out for those out of control skiers who can plow you down when you aren't looking and cover your body with bruises on your wedding day!!


Entry -

December 22, 2011

Christine and Phil - Dec. 22, 2008
Bear Lake, RMNP



Want to know how to introduce a Florida couple to their first trip to Colorado?  Bring them in for a ceremony where the outside temperature on Bear Lake is -13 (Yes, folks, that is MINUS 13 degrees...) with wind gusts of up to 50 mph - making the wind chill at -30!  Talk about a couple determined to have their winter wonderland wedding!!  Christine and Phil planned their romantic escape for months - and they were in their glory on that mountain top!  Thank goodness for the cape and muff - I think that Christine was the only one of us that wasn't frozen solid by the time we got back to the car!  She was even brave enough to lose the cape for photos in her beautiful, albeit warm weather appropriate, wedding gown!  Enjoy the familiar warmth of Florida you two - and send some of those sweltering temperatures our way!


Entry -

November 29, 2011

Camille and Mikkel
 November 28, 2008



Today was extra special for 2 reasons... first because it was OUR own 12th wedding anniversary - and we got to spend it doing our favorite thing - sending an adorable couple off on their 'happily ever after...'.    The second was that this was a new record for distance travel!  Camille and Mikkel are from Denmark!  Mikkel was sent to the US on business and brought his lovely bride along.  They fell in love with the mountains of Colorado and made it their choice for saying their vows!  Their wedding was full of unique aspects from their Dannish traditions, the music, vows and celebrating their first dance right there in the snow was definitely an occasion to remember!  






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